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Confirming an email account is authorised for mail merge

To verify that the email account you are using is authorised to send emails, you can send a test email to a known mailbox.

The following steps outline the general testing process. Your situation may vary depending on your version of Microsoft Outlook.

To verify an email is authorised to send mail
  1. In Outlook, open the mailbox of the account you wish to use to send emails.
  2. Start a new email.
  3. In the From field of the email, change the email to the shared mailbox you wish to use.
  4. In the To field of the email, enter a test destination email address.
  5. Send the email. If the email account is authorised, the email should be sent successfully and received by the test email address.

For more specific instructions related to your version of Microsoft Outlook, refer to its help documentation.

If the email was not sent successfully, contact your system administrator to reconfigure the shared mailbox.

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