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Mail merge

The powerful mail merge component enables you to use data stored in your database to create letters to send or email to clients, produce mailing labels, create marketing letters for the practice and generate regular newsletters to clients. Using Microsoft Word templates, you can generate multiple copies of the same letter and personally address the letter to each recipient. Using email templates you can effectively bulk email clients correspondences, such as, Christmas cards or reminders to pay invoices. You can send bulk emails with or without attachments to clients.

Variables (e.g., client names and addresses) are used to provide the personalised information for these letters. Within the Mail Merge Wizard you can also add mail merge fields for the Company details into the Word templates and email templates.

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) and Accountants Office (AO) you are able to create your own custom label, envelope or letter templates to suit your business.


We recommend using mailing names, as they give you more flexibility when presenting addressee details. If the mailing name field is added to a client or contact, it can be used in your letters and labels.

The mail merge feature uses a wizard which leads you through the process. The Mail Merge Wizard is accessed from the Find Contact, Find Client, and Find Supplier (AE) pages by clicking Mail merge wizard on the Tasks bar.

Document templates can be created in the Documents tab for a client, or in the Mail Merge Wizard. See Creating new document templates, or the mail merge sub-topics, for more information.

The Microsoft Word templates that are available in the Mail Merge Wizard are located in the Template Path as defined in Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Documents > Mailing Settings. If you cannot see the template you require in the wizard, ask your system administrator. You can create new mail merge templates from within the wizard if the template you require does not exist. You will also need to save this in the correct directory.
Email templates are maintained within the Mail Merge Wizard.

You can perform the following mail merge actions:






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