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Correcting posted disbursement sheets

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

You have the option to correct disbursement sheets once they have been posted as long as the entries haven't been billed. The entries can only be corrected; they can't be deleted.

The rules for correcting a posted disbursement include:

    • Only employees with the required authorisation settings can correct a disbursement sheet once it has been posted. Refer to  Setting up employees to authorise bills and timesheets.
    • Once a period has been closed off, prior period corrections cannot be done. The Corrections or C button will not be available.
    • Corrections can't be made to transactions already billed.


When you open a posted disbursement sheet, any billed items will appear in red.

If the time period is closed or any of the transactions have been billed, you cannot adjust the disbursement sheet. Instead, you need to reverse the entry by keying in the same details on a new line with a negative charge amount.

To correct a posted disbursement sheet or Practice disbursement sheet
  1. In AE, select TimesheetOpen > Disbursement Sheet or Open > Practice Disbursement Sheet from the toolbar. The Disbursement Sheet opens.

  2. Use the up and down arrows to select the date of a previous disbursement sheet. You can also use the Calendar button to select the date of the disbursement sheet.

  3. The Disbursement Entry page opens.
  4. Click the C (corrections) button to the right of the Entry Status section.

  5. Enter the changes you want to make.

  6. Click Correction again.

  7. Click OK to save and close the Disbursement Entry page.

To correct a disbursement for another employee
  1. In AE PM, open the employee and go to the Timesheets tab.
  2. Select Disbursements from the drop-down list. A list of disbursement sheets for the selected date range appears.

    You may need to edit the From date for the disbursement sheet to appear.
  3. Highlight the relevant disbursement sheet and double-click. The Disbursement page opens.

  4. Click the Correction (C) button. The sheet is now available for editing and adding new entries.

    If the details of the disbursement appear in red, the entry has been billed and cannot be edited.
  5. Make the changes as required and click OK, for example, edit the Charge column on the incorrect entry line to be zero amount, then add a new line to the correct details/amount. The edit is saved and the client WIP updated.
You can only edit the Date, Ref, Quantity, Cost, Charge and Comment fields.
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