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Working with disbursements

Disbursements are recorded on a disbursement sheet by employees while performing work for clients. Examples of disbursements are photocopying, court filing cost, couriers and taxi fares.

Before disbursement can be charged to clients, the practice must set up a practice disbursement employee to charge the amounts to clients. Employees either record a disbursement against the disbursement employee (recommended option) or their own employee record.

After the amounts are recorded, the disbursement sheet is submitted for approval and the client is charged for the disbursements once the sheet is posted.


Generally, the same person in the practice who belongs to a security group with the appropriate task permission to authorise and post timesheets will also authorise and post disbursement sheets.

Disbursement or practice disbursement sheets can only be created for a week at a most. You can create a daily disbursement sheet for an employee by selecting Daily on the Time Processing Category field drop-down on the Employee page > Timesheets tab.

To set up a practice disbursement employee
  • In MYOB AO, a practice disbursement employee is created by default on installation of the software. Employees either record a disbursement against the practice disbursement or their own disbursement sheet.
  • In MYOB AE, to set up an employee who will be used for practice disbursements, first create an employee (see Creating a new employee) called Practice Disbursement. All disbursements are then charged to this employee. The system administrator can then set up the Practice Disbursement employee in MaintenanceMiscellaneous > Miscellaneous.
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