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Creating new document templates

You can create document templates which are structured as a standard letter or a checklist for example.

The new template is created using Microsoft Word merge features and can be accessed when adding a document to a client or in a mail merge.

You can insert merge fields from your AE/AO database, for example:

  • Addressee details
  • address lines,
  • salutation and
  • partner name.

Once you have added these fields, add your standard text and then save your template.

To create a new template
  1. From AE/AO, click Contacts. The Find Clients page opens.

  2. Search for a client and open it. The client's Main tab appears.

  3. Click the Documents tab.

  4. On the Tasks bar, click New template. Microsoft Word opens with the Insert Merge Field window enabling you to add database merge fields into the new document template.

  5. Under the Insert Merge Field window, select Database Fields. A list of database fields display.
  6. Select your required field from the Fields list and click Insert. The field displays in the first line of the document.

    When inserting multiple fields, they're added to the same line as the first merge field. You can move these merge fields once you've finished adding all your fields.

  7. Repeat Step 6 for each additional field that's required.

  8. When you have finished inserting merged fields, click Close.

  9. Format the document and move the merge fields to their correct position. Also add your standard text as per the example below.

  10. Save the template to your Templates Path location using a meaningful name. See Mailing settings to check this location.

    Your new template will be available from Add Document on the Client's Document tab and in the Mail Merge Wizard.

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