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Creating timesheets for another employee

Practice Manager only

In Practice Manager, you may need to enter timesheets for another employee. For example, for the partner.

AE, you will either need to log in with Super User rights or you need authorisation rights to the other employees timesheets. See Authorisation tab

AO, you will need to log in with Administrator rights to access other employee records

To enter timesheets for another employee
  1. Go to Contacts > Open > Employee. The Find Employee page opens.
  2. Click Search to list all employees.
  3. Click the employee you want to enter a timesheet for. The selected employee is highlighted in the list.
  4. Click Create Timesheet (AE) or Open Timesheet (AO).
    (AE) - The Create New Sheet page opens. Select the required date and click OK.
    (AO) - The timesheet opens and defaults to the current system date. Click the Calendar icon or use the up or down arrows in the Time Period section to change the date.
  5. Enter the timesheets for the employee.
    (AE) - Submit, authorise and/ or post the timesheet (if applicable).
    (AO) - Click Save in the Tasks bar to save the timesheet.
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