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Deleting draft bills

Practice Manager only

When a bill is created for a client it's held with the status of draft until it is posted. Draft bills can be viewed from:

  • The Draft Bills page which lists all current draft bills for the practice.

  • The Bills tab on the client page, under the heading Draft Bills, which lists all the draft bills for the selected client. (In MYOB AE, draft bills are listed whether raised at the client level or assignment level.)

  • (AE) The Bills tab on the Assignment Details page, which lists all the draft bills raised for the selected assignment.

Draft bills on these tabs display the bill creation date and the entry and authorisation status. The Draft Bills page also displays the name of the employee who created the bill, the write-off and billed amounts.

You can delete a draft bill at any point until it is posted (once posted it will no longer be displayed in the Draft Bills list). Before deleting a posted bill, you must reverse the bill so that the amounts are returned to WIP (see Reversing bills).

To delete a draft bill
  1. Find and open the draft bill you want to delete. See Editing and unlocking draft bills.

    To delete a draft bill created at the client level, you must use the client page. In MYOB AE, if you want to delete a draft bill created at the assignment level, you can use either the client page or the Assignment Details page.
    Alternatively, select Billing or Billing > Draft Bills from the toolbar to open the Draft Bills page. Click the draft bill number of the bill you want to delete. The Billing Main page for the draft bill opens.

    In Accountants Enterprise, if the status of the bill is Submitted, first click the Draft Bill icon to the left of the field where SUBMITTED is displayed. This returns the bill to draft status.

  2. Click Delete on the TASKS bar.

  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. The bill is removed from the system.

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