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Deleting entries from timesheets or disbursement sheets

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

You can delete an entry from a timesheet or disbursement but only if it is in Draft status. If it is in Submit status, click Draft 

 to return it to Draft status, then delete the entry.

If the timesheet or disbursement is in any other status mode, see Editing or correcting posted timesheets in MYOB AE or Correcting posted disbursement sheets.

To delete an entry from a timesheet or disbursement sheet
  1. Select the entry to be deleted.

  2. Press [Delete]. The Delete Lines message is displayed requesting confirmation of the deletion.

  3. Click Yes. The item is deleted from the sheet.

    To delete more than one entry at a time, hold down [Ctrl] while selecting the unwanted entries. When you press [Delete], the Delete Lines message is displayed. Click Yes to delete each entry.

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