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Employee Planner

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

The Employee Planner is used in two ways:

  1. Managers allocating tasks to specific employees.

    The manager decides whether specific staff will own and complete a particular stage or leave it unallocated so that any staff member fitting the selected criteria can perform the task.

    Some practices may decide that the overheads involved in allocating tasks to specific staff may be too costly. As a result, the manager may use the planner to allocate work to a staff category rather than a specific staff member.

  2. Employees managing the work allocated to them.

    Staff members have their own planner which shows the work allocated to them. It is a read only view to prevent editing. It is the central point around which staff members can plan and manage their workload.

    Staff members can update the progress of a task on the Employee Planner as well as raise a timesheet to record time spent.

Work can be allocated to employees using schedules or the Employee Planner.

To open the Employee Planner
  1. Select View > Employee Planner on the main menu. The Employee Planner opens in a separate page.

    When the planner is loaded from View, all allocations for all employees are loaded in the Employee Planner in the default View Allocated Entries mode.

  2. Assignment managers can optionally make allocations from schedules using the Load Schedule task. The Load Schedule window opens.



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