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Entering practice disbursements in AO

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Costs incurred while working on client jobs and tasks are recorded as disbursements. Disbursements can include photocopying costs, court filing costs, mileage, tolls and courier costs. The information captured is used to charge the client WIP which flows into the billing process. It is important that you record your disbursements on a regular basis so clients can be billed accordingly.

Disbursements are entered in a similar way to timesheets. It is preferred that you record all the disbursements as practice disbursements instead of against each individual employee to enable employee recovery reports to reflect time only and not be overstated with disbursements.

To enter disbursements
  1. Select Open > Practice Disbursement from the

     menu. The Disbursements Entry page opens..

    If you select Open > Disbursement it will record the disbursement against your employee rather than the practice.

  2. If you need to record a disbursement for a different day, adjust the date in the Time Period. Click
     to move forward and back a day at a time, or click
     to select a date from a pop up calendar.
  3. Enter the disbursement information:

    Disbursement InformationDescription
    DatePress [Enter] to accept the default disbursement sheet end date for the transactions. If you need to display the date of the actual disbursement in your prebilling reports or Billing wizard, enter it into the Comments field.
    RefYou can enter this field but details cannot be seen on the Prebill or WIP Enquiry windows. This field can only be viewed by opening the Reports page and selecting Time > Disbursement from the Tasks bar.
    Client/JobSelect the client/job.
    YearPrefills automatically if there is only one job for the client. If there is more than one year, the current year defaults, otherwise select the relevant year from the drop-down list.
    TaskSelect the relevant disbursement code.
    QuantityPress [Enter] to move past this field if the disbursement does not require a quantity, for example, photocopying.
    UnitsPre-fills automatically.
    CostPre-fills automatically if the disbursement has been set up to have a cost per quantity, if not then enter cost to the practice if required.
    ChargePre-fills automatically if the disbursement has been set up to have a charge per quantity, if not then enter the charge amount to be charged to the Client. This figure should not include GST, i.e. enter the net amount.
    CommentsEnter any comment you wish to display in a prebilling report or Billing wizard. Allows a maximum of 1090 characters. You can click the ellipse button to open the Comment window in full and enter the required text.
  4. Click Save in the Tasks bar to save your disbursements.
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