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Entering suppliers' adjustments or credit notes

Accountants Enterprise only

When goods are returned to a supplier after they have been invoiced in the system, the supplier may issue a credit note for the goods.

Enter the credit note as a negative invoice amount, then allocate the credit note against the relevant invoice.

To enter a supplier's adjustment or credit note
  1. Select BookkeepingCreditors > Creditors Invoice on the main menu. The Creditors Invoice window opens.

  2. Select the Company from the drop-down.

  3. Find and open the supplier by clicking the ellipse button on the Supplier field to open the Find Supplier window (See Finding and opening suppliers). The selected supplier is displayed in the Supplier field of the Creditors Invoice window.

  4. Enter the Date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select it from the drop-down calendar.

  5. Enter the credit note number in the invoice Number field.

  6. Enter a Description. This field is limited to a maximum of 100 alphanumeric characters.

  7. Enter the negative Amount.

  8. Enter the Net amount.

  9. Change the Tax Rate, if necessary. The default rate is displayed automatically.

  10. Click the Nominal cell and change the account, if required.

  11. Click Post.

  12. Click OK to confirm successful posting and close the message window.

  13. Click Ledger. The Ledger window opens listing all outstanding invoices for the selected supplier.

  14. Select the Company from the drop-down.

  15. Click the credit note entry and select it.

  16. Press [Ctrl] and click the invoice the credit note must be applied to. Both credit note entry and invoice should appear as selected.

  17. Click Allocate.The credit note is allocated to the selected invoice and both items disappear from the Ledger window.

  18. Click the Show Zero checkbox. This will allow you to view the status of the credit note. The window lists all allocated transactions and the invoice and credit note display as paid in the Gross Unpaid column.

  19. Click Close.

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