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Find Assignments page

Accountants Enterprise only

The Find Assignments page displays assignment information for your practice.

The assignments, and all schedules or jobs (Practice Manager) associated with them, are displayed as units. When the order of the information displayed is changed using the column headers or by grouping the information, assignments and all associated jobs and schedules always move as a unit.

Find Assignments page options

  • Hide form when only one item found — Select this option to open the Assignment Details page directly if the search results find only one assignment. If this option is deselected, you will have to either press [Enter] or double-click the relevant assignment to open it.

  • Search any part of name/code — When selected this option returns all assignments that contain the search criteria provided in any part of the code or name. If this option is deselected, it will only return assignment information if the search criteria provided finds an exact match.

  • Include closed assignments — When selected, assignment information for closed assignments is included in the search results. If this option is deselected, assignments with a closed status are excluded from the search results.

Assignments Field Chooser options




The centre to which the assignment belongs.


The assignment code.


The company to which the assignment belongs.


The department to which the assignment belongs.


The assignment name. If any jobs or schedules (Practice Manager) exist for the assignment, they will be displayed below the assignment Name field.


The office to which the assignment belongs.


See Customising a display table to change the data displayed on the Find Assignments page.

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