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Identifying unallocated cash amounts

Practice Manager only

Towards the end of the month, you may want to identify if there is any unallocated cash receipt amounts and then allocate these amounts, if applicable. You will need to run an Aged Debtor Report to identify any unallocated cash amounts.

To identify unallocated cash amounts
  1. Open Reports > Debtors > Aged Debtors > Aged Debtor By Company - Partner Detailed.

  2. Run this report and check the unallocated cash column on the report to identify which clients have unallocated receipts. To review the amounts, open the client from the Client Search window and select the Debtors Ledger from the TASKS bar.

  3. From the Debtors Ledger window, select Ledger from the TASKS bar to see the unpaid and unallocated items.

  4. To allocate a receipt, see Allocating entries / unallocated receipts to a bill.

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