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Importing Practice Manager transactions into MYOB Premier

Accountants Enterprise only

MYOB Premier has several methods of importing transactions. The following explains how to import transactions exported from MYOB AE Practice Manager into MYOB Premier.

The method used to import transactions depends on whether you have the Cash or the Accrual accounting method in MYOB Premier.

To import Practice Manager transactions into Premier
  1. Open MYOB Premier.

  2. Select File > Import Data.

  3. Select General Journal Entries if you use a Cash accounting method in Premier or If you use an Accruals accounting method in Premier, select:

    • Transaction Journals for Premier_Cash or Premier_Adj files.

    • General Journal Entries for Premier_Bills files.
      The Import File window opens.

  4. Click Continue to accept the default values as displayed.

  5. In the Open window, Browse to your Practice Manager Export Folder and open it.

  6. Select the sub-folder you exported the transactions to from Practice Manager (see Exporting transactions to MYOB Premier).

  7. Each time you export transactions from Practice Manager, you should export them to a new sub-folder with a date as part of its name. For example, 20170903 to identify ‘3 September 2017’. This folder contains the Practice Manager transaction files, i.e.:

    • Premier_Bills

    • Premier_Cash

    • Premier_Adj

  8. Select the Premier_Bills.txt file first and click Open. The Import Data window opens.

  9. Click Match All. The transactions in the Import fields and MYOB Premier fields are matched.

  10. Click Import to import the entries into MYOB Premier. The Import General Journals Entries window opens.

    The Import General Journals Entries window indicates the status of the import. If there is an error, follow the directions to open the log file and resolve the import error.

  11. Click OK.
  12. Repeat Step 1 to Step 10 until the remaining .txt files are imported.
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