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Job modes

Accountants Enterprise only

The Job Mode window is available in MaintenanceAssignment > Job Mode. Practices can select the configuration setting that you wish to apply within the application. The default option in this window is set to Assignments and Schedules.

The selected configuration setting is applicable practice-wide. You should therefore decide which of the three modes your practice will use before implementation. It is not advisable to change the setting once timesheet and billing entries have been posted to your system.

The Job Mode window displays the available options that a practice can use:

  • Assignments and Schedules

  • Assignments, Schedules and Jobs

  • Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Job Time Recording.

Assignments and schedules

This mode enables practices to use the Assignment and Schedule structure/module within the application.

You can create schedules and attach them to assignments. All WIP is posted to the schedule/stage if the schedule is tagged as Task Related.

Assignments, schedules and jobs

This mode enables practices create a combination of schedules and jobs and attach them to an assignment.

Some assignments may require detailed analysis. If so, you may create schedules for that assignment. Other assignments may require only basic information for managing the job. If so, jobs will be created for those assignments.

For all schedules which have been marked as Task Related, all WIP will be posted to the schedule/stage.

In the Assignments, Schedules and Jobs mode, all WIP for a job is posted to the assignment. This mode is suitable for:

  • Practices which want to track jobs solely for deadline management purposes


  • Practices which do not want to compare actual to budget figures on jobs.

Assignments, schedules, jobs and job time recording

This mode is similar to the Assignment, Schedules and Jobs mode. Both modes use a combination of schedules and jobs on an assignment.

The difference between the two modes is that in the Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Job Time Recording mode, all WIP on jobs is posted to the job as opposed to the assignment. This requires you to select the client/assignment details as well as the job details before selecting the task code in timesheets.

This option also enables you compare actual to budget figures for jobs.

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