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Linking documents and folders to contacts

Accountants Enterprise only

From the Documents tab you can link files and folders at both the contact/client/supplier and assignment level, enabling other practice team members to easily find information related to a client or assignment.

The types of documents include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDFs, emails and HTML pages. You open the files from the Documents tab by clicking the hyperlink which in turn, opens the document in the application it was created in.

The link can also be to a folder. In this case, clicking the link opens Window Explorer where you can select the file you want to view. A linked folder shows the directory path in the Description field.

To link a document or folder to an assignment client, contact or supplier
  1. Find and open an assignment, client, contact or supplier.

  2. Click the Documents tab.

  3. Click Attach link or Link folder. The Open window opens for a document link or the Browse For Folder window opens for a directory link.

  4. Navigate to and select the required document or folder.

  5. Click Open for a document or OK for a folder. The document or folder will be listed in the Documents tab where you can click the file to open it.

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