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M-Powered import

Practice Manager only

M-Powered Invoices is a MYOB service that makes it easier for your customers to pay you, as well as giving you a convenient and secure method of receiving customer payments. M-Powered Invoices enables you to generate invoices and statements that offer your customers a range of payment methods, including:

  • Bpay—customers can pay you using phone or internet banking services.

  • Credit Card by Phone—customers can pay you by credit card using an automated phone system. Your customers can use VISA, MasterCard or Bankcard.

  • POSTbillpay in person—customers can pay you at any Australia Post office. Your customers can pay in cash or by EFTPOS.

Payments made to these invoices and statements are deposited directly to your business bank account as cleared funds and you are notified about the transaction, including information about who paid, the amount of the payment and to which invoice and statement the payment was made.

Each customer payment must then be entered into your MYOB company file. You must also record a bank deposit. That is, enter a bank deposit transaction in your company file based upon the information sent to you by MYOB M-Powered Invoices. This is done using Debtors > M-Powered Import to import M-Power receipts into your system.

To configure the settings required to import M-Powered receipts use Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Documents > Document Style Defaults.

To import M-Power receipts
  1. Select Debtors > M-Powered Import on the toolbar. The M-Powered Import page opens.

  2. Enter or locate the File Name location. This is a mandatory field.

  3. Select the Company from the drop-down.

  4. Select the Bank Account name from the drop-down.

  5. Enter the Allocation Date. Enter the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select it from the drop-down calendar.

  6. Select the payment Source from the drop-down.

  7. Select the template Style from the available drop-down templates. The file information is displayed in the table. If the Invoice Number cannot be matched to appropriate bills in the system, the Client Name field will remain empty. You can identify the appropriate client information using the client search functionality in the program.

  8. If the Unallocated Amount is not zero, you must select a valid Tax Rate from the drop-down in the Unallocated Cash Tax Rate field.

  9. When satisfied with the information entered, click Post to import the receipts.

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