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Milestones and schedules

Accountants Enterprise only

When creating milestones (in MaintenanceAssignment > Milestones) remember that the milestones can be used for jobs or schedules.

A schedule will be added to an assignment if the assignment template used has a schedule template attached.

If no schedule template is associated with an assignment template, a job will be created and added to the assignment—unless the Job Mode is set to Assignments and Schedules, in which case jobs will never be added to an assignment. See Job modes for more details.

When you add a new job to an assignment, the job is displayed automatically in the Job Sheet homepage. You can then complete milestone maintenance for that job on the Job Sheet homepage.

To track milestones against a schedule, link the milestones to the schedules stages. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Schedule template—link the schedule stages to milestones when creating the schedule template. The milestones will be available for manipulation in the Job Sheet Homepage when you add a new assignment using an assignment template and a schedule template is attached to that assignment template.

  2. Assignment Details page > Schedule tab—add or edit the milestones attached to schedule stages in the Assignment Details page > Schedules tab.

When linking schedule stages to milestones, note that:

  • The links between schedule stages and milestones are distinct. You cannot link a milestone to more than one schedule stage.

  • You need not link all milestones to schedule stages. You need only link those schedule stages to milestones that you want to track using the Job Sheet homepage.

  • If no milestones are linked to schedule stages, the schedule will not appear on the Job Sheet homepage. Only schedules with linked milestones appear in the Job Sheet homepage.

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