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Payment type

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

The MaintenanceClient/Supplier > Payment Type page enables you to add and delete the payment types /payment sources used in creditor payments as well as in debtor receipting.

Payment types could be Cheque, Cash, Direct Debit, Electronic Banking etc.


To set up a payment type
  1. Select MaintenanceClient/Supplier > Payment Type on the main menu or Maintenance > Maintenance MapClient/Supplier > Payment Type. The Maintenance — Payment Type page opens.

  2. Enter the name of the new payment type in the first blank row at the top of the table.

  3. Press [Enter] and add more payment types if required.

  4. To edit a Payment Type, click the Description field and overtype the text.

  5. Click OK to save the information and close the Maintenance — Payment Type page.

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