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Post WIP responsibility check

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Post WIP Responsibility is used in conjunction with project-based authorisation to give certain users the ability to take unposted time entered by employees and make it Posted WIP and therefore billable.

To display the Post WIP Responsibility tab, select MaintenanceInternal > Post WIP Responsibility on the main menu.

You will need to select a Project based Authorisation model under Maintenance > Time Setup > Timesheet Authorisation Mode, before the Post WIP Responsibility option is displayed in the Maintenance menu.

It is this responsibility attached to an employee in the Client or Assignment Team that will give them the opportunity to Post WIP from unposted time.

Employee Setup under the Client Team can post WIP belonging to that client, while Employee Setup under the Assignment Team can only post WIP belonging to that assignment.


To set up a posting employee
  1. Add the employee to the Client/Assignment Team. See Assignment Details page (Main tab).

  2. Ensure that the Responsibility Type associated with the employee is selected as having Post WIP responsibility.

  3. Ensure the employee has the permissions required to raise bills.

  4. On the Maintenance — Post WIP Responsibility page, click the Post WIP checkbox for the employee category who will have Post WIP responsibility.

Once time has been entered the Post WIP employee can post WIP from either the Client > Assignments page or in step 2 of the Billing Wizard.

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