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Posting standard PM authorisation timesheets

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

If your practice uses Standard PM Authorisation mode, it requires an employee’s entire timesheet to be authorised and posted before any of the individual timeline entries can be billed. Each timesheet is likely to contain a number of different timeline entries across a combination of different assignments (projects) and tasks (activities), but these can only be billed once the user has submitted the entire sheet for approval (authorisation) and posting.

Typically, timesheets are approved and posted by the employee’s line manager.

To open a Standard PM Authorisation timesheet
  1. Open the timesheet. See Opening existing timesheets.

  2. Click Submit in the Entry Status panel. The status field changes to Submit.

  3. Close the timesheet. This moves the entire timesheet to the next step so that it can be authorised.

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