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Recommendations on backing up data

Backups are done from the server. You must have access to the server.

  • You must have super user privileges to perform the backup.
  • You must have write access to the file location you are backing up to.

  • You should ensure that no one is logged on to MYOB.
    A warning message is displayed if a backup is performed whilst team members are logged on. If you proceed with the backup, be aware that your backup may not contain all the necessary information as team members will still be using the database and making changes.

  • Your backups are set to run at 1pm on weekdays, by default.
    You can change this if you prefer. Note that, your computer must be on at the scheduled time or the backup will not be able to run.
    A backup may take a while. The length of time is dependent on the size of your database.

  • Consider the storage media used to store your backups.
    We recommend recordable CDs/DVDs, USB storage devices or external hard drives.
    You should regularly test your backup storage media to ensure the data has been successfully backed up and that it can be readily accessed and restored when required.

  • Make multiple copies of your backed up data.
    Store one or more copies of it off-site. This is especially recommended for backups taken at critical times such as immediately prior to starting a new financial year.

  • You should do a backup after any upgrades or changes are made to your system, such as application, hardware or system upgrades.

This Backup feature does not replace Datasafe Backups (for Integrated Release sites). Do not remove the Datasafe Scheduled Backup from the Windows Task Scheduler.

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