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Recording expenses

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Expenses incurred while you perform work for a client may be claimed by recording them on an expense sheet. Expense sheets are set up by your system administrator.

To record an expense
  1. Create or open an expense sheet. See Creating expense sheets or Opening expense sheets, as appropriate.

  2. Enter the Date when you incurred the expense. In the first blank row of the table, the Date can be entered in the format dd/mm/yyyy or selected from the drop-down calendar.

  3. Enter the Reference number. The reference number is limited to a maximum of 25 alphanumeric characters.

  4. Select the Client from the first blank cell drop-down on the Client/Assignment column.

  5. Press [Tab] to automatically display information in the A/Code and C/R columns or click within the a cell.

  6. If there is an associated Job/Schedule, select it from the drop-down.

  7. Select the Task from the drop-down.

  8. Enter the amounts in the Quantity and Cost columns. The Tax, Total and Charge columns are automatically calculated. The charge field only contains a value if you have a charge rate set up for the Code Type. Otherwise, you must enter the charge rate.

  9. Enter supporting information about the expense in the Comments column.

  10. Click the ellipse button to open a Comment window and enter explanatory text if required.

  11. Click OK to close the Comment window.

  12. Press [Enter] until the cursor is in the blank line below the headings if you want to enter additional expenses for another Client or Assignment.

  13. Repeat step 2 to 12 for other expenses for this date.

  14. Click Submit 

    to submit the expense sheet for authorisation and posting. The Entry Status field changes to Submitted.

  15. Click OK to save and close the expense sheet.

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