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Report export & import

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) or Accountants Office (AO) if you have created your own reports MYOB recommends that you perform a backup of these reports. You can achieve this by exporting the reports, using the Report Export & Import process. You can then restore them, by using the Report Export & Import process to replace an existing report, should you require to return your report/s to a particular point in time.

You can also use the import option to import additional reports that have been created for you.

Report Export & Import enables you to export any saved reports for:

  • Technical support — If you have a technical question or are having issues with a particular report, you can export it to an rpt file (report file format) and send it to MYOB Support for further assistance.
  • Backup of reports — If you want to ensure that you have a backup of a report, you can export it for safekeeping. This will ensure that if a report is accidentally updated or overwritten, you can re-import the report template as a new report or replace an existing report.


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