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Reporting is an invaluable tool when it comes to evaluating the performance of the practice. It enables you to generate a wide variety of reports according to what you need. You can choose from a large range of pre-defined reports (accessed from the toolbar) or you can customise your own reporting criteria using the Reports engine.

Reports enables you to:

  • export reports to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

  • produce customised reports

  • apply filters to a report to show the most relevant data in the report

  • group, sort, and total data in the report

  • perform ad hoc queries against the data

  • create letters.

Reports is accessed from the Reports page, which is displayed when you click Reports on the main toolbar. The reports you can generate are grouped together for easy access into reporting groups to make it easy to find and report on the type of information you require.

When the Reports page is displayed, the Tasks bar lists all the report groups available. The groupings are then further refined into sub-areas. When you click a report group heading on the Tasks bar, the sub-areas within it are displayed.

When you select a reporting sub-area, any pre-defined reports within it are displayed in the main area of the Reports page. The purpose of these reports is to provide a template for common requirements which minimise the time and effort required to implement and use the application within an organisation. As you create your own reports these will be added to the list of the pre-defined reports originally available with the product.

These reports have been defined for the requirements of various roles within an organisation. For example, partner, secretary or administrator. These roles are linked to the default security roles defined within the Maintenance area. Therefore, an employee who is a member of the administrator security group will have access to all the administrative reports.

There are a number of filtering and sorting options available when running reports, to assist you in refining the information returned in the reports. The system’s flexibility also provides a number of options once a report has been generated. The report can be viewed in a Preview window, from where you can send it directly to a printer, export to a file or email it to other people.

Available report groups

  • Common Tasks

  • (AE) Assignments

  • (AE) Cashbook

  • Client

  • Contacts

  • (Practice Manager) Debtors

  • (Practice Manager) Document Manager

  • Employee

  • (Practice Manager) Fees

  • (Practice Manager) Job Management

  • Maintenance

  • (AE) Nominal Ledger

  • (AE) Period End

  • (AE) Schedule

  • (Practice Manager) Standing Data

  • (AE) Suppliers

  • (Australia) Tax

  • (Practice Manager) Time

  • (Practice Manager) WIP

  • (Practice Manager) WIP and Debt.

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