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Reporting on closed clients

Practice Manager only

You may need to run a report in MYOB Practice Manager to show all clients that are closed or closed within a specific calendar or financial year.

To create the report, click ReportsClient > Client Details, select New and tick the fields Client Code, Client Name, and Date Closed.

  • To filter the report to show all closed clients, type: Is Not Null (AE) or BETWEEN 01/01/2000 AND 31/12/2017 (AO) against the Date Closed field.
  • To filter the report for a specific year, use the BETWEEN filter i.e. BETWEEN 01/01/2017 AND 31/12/2017 (AE/AO) against the Date Closed field.


You need to change the Start Date to 01/01/2000 before running the report to pick up all clients that meet the criteria.

To create a report to show all closed clients using the BETWEEN filter
  1. Click ReportsClient > Client Details. The Client Details screen displays.

  2. Select New to create a new report. The Report fields and formatting window displays.

  3. From the list of available fields, we suggest ticking the fields Client Code, Client Name and Date Closed.

  4. Select the Run Report Settings tab. The Run Report Settings window appears. Here, you can add filters, sorting or prompting on your report.

  5. Enter 01/07/2017 AND 30/06/2018 in the Filter column for the Date Closed field to report on all clients closed in the 2018 financial year for Australia.

    For New Zealand, you could enter BETWEEN 01/01/2017 and 31/12/2017 or BETWEEN 01/04/2017 AND 31/03/2018, depending on the dates for your financial year.

  6. Click the Save icon. The Save report layout screen appears defaulting to save as a new report.

  7. Type the name and description of the new report in the Title and Description fields, and click OK to save, then click OK to exit. The Reports - Client - Client Details screen appears displaying the new report at the bottom of the report listing.

  8. To run the report, highlight and click Run. The Report Fields window appears.

  9. Change the Start Date field to 01/01/2000 to pick up all clients that meet the selected criteria.

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