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Reprinting a receipt

Once a receipt has been printed and/or marked as printed, you may need to reprint a copy of the receipt.

You can reprint this document from the client’s Debtors Ledger.

To reprint a receipt
  1. Open the relevant client. The Client page opens.
  2. Click Debtors ledger on the Tasks bar.
  3. The client’s Debtors Ledger page opens.
  4. Select Show Zero. Transactions with a zero balance are included in the list.

    MYOB AE and AO defaults to showing the zero balance transactions for the previous 12 months. Change the date next to the Show Zero option, to see older transactions.

  5. Highlight the receipt/cash item you want to reprint.
  6. Select Preview debtor item from the Tasks bar. The receipt opens in Microsoft Word. You can now reprint the receipt using File > Print in Word.


    If you need to print receipts for more than one client at the same time, it may be easier to do this by clicking the Debtors icon in the toolbar to open the Debtors Ledger.

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