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Schedule tab

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

The Schedule tab is only available on the Assignment Details page.

The Schedule tab is used to manage, edit and add schedules, stages and tasks involved with a client’s assignment. These actions are completed using the Schedules options on the Tasks bar.

Before you can use tasks and milestones, a schedule must be created within an assignment. It consists of a series of stages that must be completed in order to carry out the client assignment.

The first step is to add a schedule to an assignment and then define the work to be carried out by adding stages. You can choose to add pre-defined stages from a template or add custom stages appropriate to the schedule. See Creating a schedule from a template and/or Adding schedules to assignments, appropriate to the schedule.

Once these steps are completed, you can add a task to a stage (see Schedules) and define the dates and budgets and tasks to be done.

Task Related checkbox

By clicking the Task Related checkbox beside the Schedule description field drop-down, you can limit the tasks available for selection in timesheets for a particular client’s assignment. When selected, only tasks in the client’s schedule are displayed for the employee when the assignment and schedule are selected in their timesheet.

If you want all tasks to be available for selection, deselect the Task Related checkbox.

If you do not want to allocate tasks to specific employees you can still monitor and control the tasks entered against an assignment by allocating the tasks to the -UNSPECIFIED- category (see Allocating stages to employee categories). This enables any employee to enter time against the task.

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