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Accountants Enterprise only

Schedules are created within clients’ assignments. Each schedule contains stages which consist of tasks and milestones. Use these two features if you want to track and monitor the work done for a client. Tasks and milestones are added to the schedule using the Assignment Details page > Schedule tab. They can be added individually or from a pre–defined schedule template.

The rules for deciding if a schedule or a job is added to an assignment are:

  • If a schedule template is added to an assignment template, a schedule will be created and added to the assignment using the schedule template details.

  • If no schedule template is associated to an assignment template, a job will be created and added to the assignment.

The work performed is broken down into work units which have a time and cost associated with them. Work units enable you to accurately estimate the work to be done, the time involved and the associated costs. The information gives you the tools to better manage your business resources, cash collection and workflow.

A schedule lists commonly used steps in a sequence that will achieve the work that has to be done. A schedule template lists commonly used steps put into a sequence to provide a master workflow.


A schedule specifies the start and end date of the work to be performed. It is usually cyclical because the nature of the work involved can be repeated time and time again for the same client or another client.

An example of a schedule is work performed at different intervals:

  • a yearly schedule—2008, 2009, 2010, etc.

  • a quarterly schedule—First Quarter, Second Quarter, etc.

  • a monthly or weekly schedule—Bookkeeping, Wages, etc.

A schedule is part of an assignment and specifies stages and milestones.

Schedule templates

A schedule template lists commonly used steps in a sequence to provide a master workflow. When creating a schedule template for an assignment, select steps from a list of task codes (activities performed to fulfil the steps required for the client’s assignment).

A schedule template is created using the procedure described in Setting up assignment templates. When saved, the schedule template can be used for many clients. A schedule template is flexible, enabling you to add unique stages or milestones to suit the particular needs of the work or a client.

You can swap between viewing schedule stages associated with an employee and viewing schedule stages by clicking Swap axis on the Tasks bar of the Assignment Details page > Schedule tab.

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