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Setting up assignment templates

Accountants Enterprise only

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager (AE PM) Assignment templates can be created so that the Practice has a standard set of assignments that can be added to clients.

Assignment templates are the most common way to add a new assignment.

Assignment Templates are linked to an Assignment Type so that the assignment properties are defined automatically.

At least one assignment must be associated with a client before time or disbursements can be recorded for the client. You can either create a custom assignment template specifically for the client or attach an existing assignment template to the client.


To set up the assignment template details

The instructions below use the example of adding the assignment called Tax which will use the assignment type called Tax.

  1. Select MaintenanceAssignment > Assignment Templates on the main menu. The Maintenance — Assignment Templates page opens.
  2. Type Tax in the Name As field on the new record row and press Tab. The cursor appears in the Code As field.
  3. Type Tax in the Code As field and press Tab. The cursor appears in the Assignment Type field.
  4. Click in the AssignmentType field to display the drop down arrow, select Tax and then press Tab twice. The Assignment Type is now selected.

    If the Assignment Type doesn't exist, refer to Assignment types.

  5. Select the Responsibility tab and complete the fields Nominal Account, Assignment Partner, Assignment Manager, Recovery Rate, Company, Office, Department and Centre as required and click OK. See Setting up responsibility for assignment templates.
  6. Select the Tax Assignment Template created and click the Billing tab (if you wish to set up default paragraphs for the assignment template). See Setting up billing for assignment templates.
  7. Select the Schedule tab if you want to add a Schedule for this template. See Setting up schedule templates for assignment templates.

  8. Click OK to save the template and close the page.
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