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Setting up billing for job type templates

Accountants Office with Practice Manager only

  1. Use the Billing tab to set up default billing details for the job type template.
  2. To set up billing for a job type template
  3. Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Job type > Job Type Templates. The Maintenance Job Types page opens.
  4. Select the job you want to set up billing information for from the table. Billing information is entered in the Billing tab at the bottom of the page.

  5. Select a Billing Paragraph from the Available list.The content of the selected paragraph is displayed in the Paragraph Text box below the Available list.
  6. Make your selections:

    1. Click

      to include the selected paragraph in the template.

    2. Click

      to include all the paragraphs listed from the Available list in the Selected list.

    3. Click

       to remove a paragraph from the Selected list and return it to the Available list.

    4. Click

       to remove all the paragraphs from the Selected list and return them to the Available list.

    The billing details for the job are set up.

  7. Click OK. The Maintenance  Job Types page closes.

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