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Setting up configuration keys

Accountants Enterprise only

Each configuration key is defined with a key name, key value and an optional note. Keys provide information for other components of the system or information for administrators regarding the patches installed. Your system administrator is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of existing keys and setting up new ones so that:

  • recorded information is structured correctly and useful to the practice.

  • linked applications launch and operate correctly.

All fields on the Maintenance Configuration page are free-text fields. Ensure you spell all items correctly or they will not work.

Some examples of configuration keys are:

Key Name

Key Value




The font used for billing.



The size of the font.

Configuration keys directly impact the operation of the software. As a result, if there is any doubt as to what needs to be done, contact MYOB Customer Care and Support.


To set up configuration keys
  1. Select MaintenanceUser defined > Configuration on the main menu or Maintenance > Maintenance MapUser defined > Configuration. The Maintenance — Configuration page opens listing default and/or existing key names, key values and comments.

  2. Enter the name of the configuration key in the Key Name field.

  3. Enter the value for the configuration in the Key Value field.

  4. Enter identifying information in the Comment field.

  5. Press [Enter] to add more configuration keys.

  6. Click OK to save and close the Maintenance — Configuration page.

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