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Setting up M-Power configuration keys

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Like other configuration keys, the M-Power configuration keys can be used to enhance functionality and provide more tailored information where required.

The M-Power keys are entered to configure the way the M-Power billing functions are performed. As shown in the table below, parameters can be set to control field display and selection.


To set up the M-Power configuration keys
  1. Select MaintenanceUser defined > Configuration on the main menu or Maintenance > Maintenance MapUser defined > Configuration. The Maintenance — Configuration page opens.

  2. Enter configuration information in the fields as shown in the table:

    Key Name

    Key Value


    [Suggested wording]

    [Enter information shown in brackets]


    [MYOB Pay Services]

    Biller Name



    MYOB’s BPay Code


    [Credit card maximum amount]

    Maximum amount payable by credit card


    [Credit card phone number]

    Credit Card Payment Phone Number

  3. Click OK to save and close the Maintenance — Configuration page.

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