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Setting up your homepage

When you first use MYOB AE/AO, you are presented with a default homepage. This homepage is the default starting point each time you log on, but you can also set your own initial view.

The Display Options window is used to select one of your standard homepage views, one of your customised My Homepage views or another view such as Find Contacts, as the first page. You can also re-order the list of your customised homepages that are available on the Home drop-down menu on the toolbar.

The Display Options window has the following tabs (My Homepage is for AE only):

Default View

The Default View tab enables you to:

  • Select which view or page is displayed when you log in.
    The Reports option is only available if you have the appropriate permissions.

  • Select the default homepage to display when you click Home:

    • Standard Homepages, the MYOB standard homepages.

    • (AE) My Homepages views (your personal and practice homepages, as listed under My Homepage on the Tasks bar).

My Homepage (AE)

The My Homepage tab enables you to change the order in which your customised personal and practice homepage views are listed on the Tasks bar and the Home drop-down menu on the toolbar.

Any changes to homepages will not take effect until MYOB AE is restarted.

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