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Step 2—Extra details

Accountants Enterprise only

In this step of the Wizard you can enter additional information that the practice wants to collect. The fields represent extra lists and extra fields which have been set up by the system administrator. Details entered in the Step 2 Extra Details are transferred to the Extras tab.

You must complete all the mandatory fields which are displayed in red. You cannot proceed to the next step until all mandatory information has been entered.

To enter extra details
  1. Complete the mandatory steps in Step 1—Personal details and responsibility.
  2. Click Next.
    Click the Extra Fields tab. Step 2—Extra Details is displayed on the Wizard
  3. Where relevant, enter or select a value for the Extra Fields and Extra Lists.

     indicates an extra field. Type or select the value in the Value field.
    indicates an extra list. Select a value from the drop-down that is displayed when you click the Value field.

    Mandatory fields, which are flagged by a red triangle

    Mandatory field icon
     , displayed in red or flagged as Required, must be completed before you can click Next or Finish.

  4. Click Finish to complete creating the contact type.The wizard closes and the contact type is created with the information that has been entered so far. The relevant Client/Contact/Supplier page is displayed for the new contact type. Click through the tabs to check, add or edit information.

Entering information in the remaining windows (Steps 3 to 6) of the Wizard is optional. Once the contact type is created, further details can be entered and modified using the Client/Contact/Supplier page.

Alternatively, to continue entering details for the contact type using the Wizard, click Next.

Proceed to Step 3—Address details to enter address details.

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