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Timesheet Lock Date

In MYOB Practice Manager, timesheets are locked for editing when the accounting period is closed.  If you want to lock off amendments to timesheets during the month rather than only after the month is closed, you can set the Timesheet Lock Date. 

  • Timesheets entered prior to the lock date can't be edited.
  • When the accounting period is closed, if the month end date is later than the timesheet lock date, the accounting period end date will override the timesheet lock date as the date prior to which editing is prohibited.


To set a Timesheet Lock Date
  1. In PM, follow the menu path: Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Time Setup > Processing Time Setup. The Processing Time Setup window opens.
  2. Select the appropriate accounting year from the Accounting Year drop down list.

    The accounting year will default to the current year.
  3. Enter the date into the Timesheet Lock Date field.  
  4. Click OK to save and close the changes. The Timesheet Lock Date is now set.
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