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Top Ten Toolbox option

Practice Manager only

(AE) To add this to your homepage, drag Top Ten from the Practice Manager Toolbox to your homepage.

This displays a list of your Top Ten Debtors, Top Ten WIP and Top Ten Exposure.

Right-click the table to open a menu that enables you:

  • Filter the table by Client Partner, Client Manager or by Practice. By selecting Practice, the graph includes all clients for your practice. If Top Ten WIP and List Clients are selected, the additional filter options of Assignment Partner (AE) / Job Partner (AO) and Assignment Manager (AE) / Job Manager (AO) are enabled.

  • Filter the table by Top Ten Debtors, Top Ten WIP or Top Ten Exposure.

  • Filter the table by List Clients or List Client Groups. A client who has no child clients will still display when the table is filtered by List Client Groups as it is considered its own client group. When List Client Groups is selected, the first column heading changes to Parent Group.

  • Show Totals. A total balance for the Top Ten is displayed.

  • Export the table to excel.

  • Change the filter to another Employee. The filter defaults to the logged in employee.

  • Filter the graph by selected Company.

Double-click an item to open the client or employee’s page.

(AE) Your security group dictates whether or not you will see this display.

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