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Unallocating receipts allocated to incorrect bills

Practice Manager only

When an error has been made in allocating receipts to the correct bills, the receipt can be unallocate. The receipt can then be reversed or allocated to another bill.

To unallocate a receipt that has been allocated to an incorrect bill
  1. Access the Debtors Ledger in Ledger mode for the client. See Accessing the debtors ledger.

  2. Ensure that the Show Zero option is selected. All transactions for the selected client are displayed. By default, the previous 12 month transactions are displayed. You can change the date of which transactions are displayed by entering or selecting the date in the field adjacent to the Show Zero checkbox.

  3. Select the receipt that was allocated incorrectly.

  4. Click Unallocate. The Unallocated Cash Tax Rate window opens.

  5. Select the appropriate tax rate for the unallocated cash receipt from the drop-down Select Tax Rate field, if necessary.

  6. Click OK. The receipt is now identified as unallocated cash in the Ledger table.

    If the prompt Failed to Unallocate. You cannot unallocate cash which is in a closed accounting period is displayed, you must enter either a negative receipt or open the prior accounting period(s) for the receipt and re-run the month end reports for that month.





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