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Viewing bills ready to print

Practice Manager only

Once a client bill has been posted, most practices print the bill that will be sent to the client. The Bills Ready To Print page is used to either print or preview the bill using Microsoft Word. There are a number of tasks that can be performed from the Bills Ready To Print page:

  • If an individual bill is posted by clicking Post on the Billing Main page, the Bills Ready To Print window is displayed automatically. For bulk printing of bills, the page can be opened using Billing > Ready to Print on the toolbar.

  • Click the Print icon on the bar of the Bills Ready To Print page to send selected bills to the default printer for printing.

  • Click Preview on the TASKS bar to view the bill using Microsoft Word. You can select File > Print or click Print on the toolbar in Microsoft Word.

  • Select a Client Partner Filter, if required, by deselecting the Show all partners checkbox and clicking the ellipse button on the Partner field. This opens the Find Partner window. Select a partner from this window to see only bills for that partner’s clients.

  • Any bills you print from the Bills Ready To Print page should be marked as printed so that printed items are removed from the list. Select the printed items in the list and click Printed OK on the Tasks bar. Printed bills can be viewed and reprinted from the Bills tab of the relevant Client page or Assignment Details page (AE) in the Full Billing History area if required.

  • Click Refresh on the TASKS bar to refresh the list.

  • If you click a client name, the Bills tab for that client is displayed. If you click a partner’s name, the Employee Details page is displayed.

  • Click the Report option on the TASKS bar to generate a report of the selected bill in the list, including all the timesheet entries billed on it.

You can also group bills that are listed on the page.

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