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AE/AO 5.4.36 hotfix 59868757 (New Zealand)

Release date—3 February 2021

Release notes

This hotfix helps you experience a smooth process when upgrading from MYOB AE/AO to Upgrading tax from AE or AO - NZ. The hotfix corrects a couple of critical errors that you may see when you upgrade.

If you've installed MYOB AE/AO, it's important that you install this hotfix.

Install guide

Read through this installation guide before you begin installing this update. It will help you plan the tasks required.

  • You must have MYOB AE/AO version installed.
    To check your current version, click Help on the main menu and select About.
  • Ensure you have administrator access to the server where MYOB AE/AO is installed.
  • Ensure all users are logged out of all MYOB programs.
Step 1: Installing the hotfix
  1. On your server that has MYOB AE/AO installed, go to my.MYOB and download the MYOB Hotfix 59868757 - Migration – Update file.
  2. Double-click the executable to start the installation.
  3. In the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard window, click Next.
  4. Select I accept the terms in the licence agreement.
  5. Click Next to install the utility.
  6. On the InstallShield Wizard Completed window, click Finish.
  7. To update workstations, run a workstation install on all workstations.
Step 2: Updating workstations

Workstations are updated automatically as part of this hotfix if auto-updates are enabled. If auto-updates are disabled in your environment, run a workstation install on all workstations.

Follow the steps for the product and setup you use:

  1. To confirm a successful installation, on your server, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\TaxManagerService.

  2. Check that the following files Date modified is 27/01/2021:

    • MYOB.Tax.TaxMan.Server.Af.BusinessLogic.dll and

    • MYOB.Tax.TaxMan.Server.BusinessLogic.dll files match the Date modified below.

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