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AE/AO Tax 2019.0 hotfix (Australia)

Release date—4 July 2019

Release notes

Install this hotfix if you've installed Tax 2019.0. We've fixed a rounding issue in the MV expenses worksheet.

If you've already created a return that has an MV expenses worksheet, enter the MV expenses worksheet into the return.

For the Knowledge Base article about this issue, see KB37412536.

Install guide

Read through this installation guide before you begin installing this update. It will help you plan the tasks required.

  • You must have MYOB AE/AO installed.
    To check your current version, click Help on the main menu and select About.
  • Ensure you have administrator access to the server where MYOB AE/AO is installed.
  • Ensure all users are logged out of all MYOB programs.
Step 1: Installing the hotfix
  1. Click here to download the MYOB_AEAO_TAX_2019.0_AU_Hotfix_KB37412536.exe and save it to a known location on the server where MYOB AE/AO is installed.
  2. Double-click the executable to start the installation. The Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard window appears.
  3. Select I accept the terms in the licence agreement and click Next.
  4. Click Install. The installation begins.
  5. When you see the Install complete window, click Finish.
Step 2: Post-installation
  1. Go to the Tax folder where the hotfix is installed and check that the DS6TC090 file's modified date is 3 July.

    To check where your Tax folder is located, open a tax return and go to Help > About > Application Details.

  2. Check your version number:
    1. Open MYOB AE/AO.
    2. Click Help and select About.
    3. Click Plugins and confirm Tax Homepages is
Step 3: Refreshing Item D1

After installing the hotfix, you'll need to recalculate the values in the Motor vehicle expenses (mve) worksheet. You can do this by opening and closing the schedule.

  1. Open the affected 2019 Individual Income tax return and click the Deductions tab.
  2. At item D1, click in the field at label A and press ENTER on the keyboard. The Motor vehicle expenses (mve) worksheet opens.
  3. Click the back button (
    ) or press F6. The Motor vehicle expenses (mve) worksheet recalculates values and closes. The correct value is displayed at Item D1.
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