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AE/AO Tax 2020.2a KB62128943 hotfix (Australia)

Release date—22 April 2021 

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Release notes

This release fixes 2 PLS rejections and 1 validation error that happens in a 2020 Individual tax return and after updating to 2020.2:

  • CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 & CMN.ATO.GEN.XML04: This rejection occurs if the Dividends schedule when it is pre-filled from the ATO and there's no manual dividends entry.
  • CMN.ATO.DDCTNS.000155: This rejection occurs if there are no deductions in a 2020 tax return and a $0 is automatically populating at D1, which cant be deleted. If there is an amount at another deductions label, the rejection does not occur.

    After you've installed this hotfix, open and close the schedule at D1 to refresh.

  • IITR.301106: This F3 validation error occurs incorrectly where there is a foreign employment income schedule (fei) and amounts in the deductions items, and no Australian salary and wages (egc) schedule.
Install guide

Read through this installation guide before you begin installing this update. It will help you plan the tasks required.

  • You must have MYOB AE/AO version installed and the Tax version is 2020.2.
    To check your current version, click Help on the main menu and select About.
  • Ensure you have administrator access to the server where MYOB AE/AO is installed.
  • Ensure all users are logged out of all MYOB programs.
Installing the hotfix
  1. Go to my.MYOB and download the MYOB Tax Hotfix 62128943  - Installer file to your server location where you installed MYOB AE/AO.
  2. Double-click the executable to start the installation.
  3. In the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard window, click Next.
  4. Select I accept the terms in the licence agreement.
  5. Click Next to install the utility.
  6. On the InstallShield Wizard Completed window, click Finish.
To confirm a successful installation
  1. Open a 2020 tax return.

  2. Select Help and choose About.

  3. Check that the version number is 2020.2a.

This release does not require a workstation install

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