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AO Classic 23.0.2 hotfix 65766053 (New Zealand)

Release date—15 July 2021

This is the second hotfix for AO Classic 23.0.2. This hotfix (65766053) includes the changes from AO Classic 23.0.2 hotfix 61213019 (New Zealand)

This release includes payroll updates for the minimum sick leave entitlement changes.

Release notes

Payroll upate

We've included the following in this release:

  • the new minimum sick leave entitlement
  • resolved a couple of known issues from the previous versions.

Sick Leave entitlement update

From 24 July 2021, the minimum Sick Leave entitlement increases from 5 to 10 days per year. See Employment New Zealand website for more information.

Any new employees added after installing this release will have the new Sick Leave entitlement by default.

After installing this release, you can bulk update the employess' sick leave entitlement by running a utility.

It is best to run this utility on or after 24 July 2021.

  1. To open the utility, go to Tools > Bulk Update Sick Leave Entitlements.
  2. Enter the number of days (the to .. days field cannot be less than 10) and clicking OK. The tick box below lets you capture employees who have more than the minimum amount but less than ten.
  3. After the utility runs, you'll see a log file that shows all employees' new entitlements, and any employees who were not updated.

Resolved issues

We've fixed the following known issues:

  • The default system pay codes ( for example PAYE, KiwiSaver) on the Other tab of the Maintain Pay Codes screen, Pay Code > Other tab the Particulars, Code and Reference fields were read-only and not updated. This is now resolved and the codes are now editable and updated. The Code details for these pay codes have also been updated for new companies and databases.

  • An error was appearing when clicking Cancel in the Restore Payroll data confirmation window. This is now resolved, and the window now includes an OK button. More information has been added to the Restore Payroll data window.

Install guide
  • Make sure:
    • the AO Classic version is 23.0.2 on your server or on your individual workstation.
    • the payroll version is 2021.2.1237.
  • Everyone is logged out of all MYOB programs.
  • Check that your computer meets the system requirements.
  • Disable any antivirus.
  • Backing up my AO Classic data.
Step 1—Download the the hotfix
  1. Download the MYOB AO Classic Payroll Hotfix 65766053 – Update file from my.MYOB.
  2. Install the hotfix on either:

    • an individual workstation if it's not connected to your server, or

    • your server. If you install on a server, you then have to run a workstation setup on each workstation connected to the server (see below).

Step 2—Install the update on an individual workstation or on a server

If you're installing on a server, you must install on your server before running the workstation setup.

Before you begin, ensure all users are logged out of all MYOB programs.

  1. Log in to the workstation that has AO Classic installed.

    If your computer has security rights enabled, log in as an administrator.
  2. Confirm that everyone on your network has closed all MYOB programs.

    Don't open any MYOB programs during installation. Wait until the installation has finished before opening MYOB programs.

  3. Browse to the location where you downloaded the update file and run the .exe. The InstallShield wizard opens.

  4. Accept the licence agreement and click Next.

  5. Click Install.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. If you installed on:
    • an individual workstation that's not connected to a server, go to Post-installation.
    • a server, go to Task 3.
Step 3—Update workstations connected to the server

You only need to do this if you installed the update on a server, not an individual workstation. You also need to do this on the server itself if it has MYOB AO Classic.

After you've installed the update on your server:

  1. Log in to a workstation that has MYOB AO Classic installed.

    If your computer has security rights enabled, log in as an administrator.
    Don't open any MYOB programs on other workstations during installation. If you do, you could corrupt your data files. The update requires exclusive access to your data files.
  2. Disable any antivirus programs running on the workstation.
  3. Select Start > All Programs > MYOB > Update MYOB AO Classic. The InstallShield wizard window opens.

    If you see an Open File Security or User Account Control warning message, click Run or Allow.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Repeat these steps on all workstations that have MYOB AO Classic, including on the server.

    To save time, after you start running the InstallShield update on one workstation, repeat these steps on the next workstation. You don't have to wait for one update to finish before moving on to the next workstation.

To confirm a successful installation:

  1. Go to Help > About > Application details.

  2. Select the Accountants Office Modules folder and, on the right, check that the Payroll version is 2021.1.1237.

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