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MYOB AE 2019.0c—Prerequisites

Read this section completely before installing MYOB Accountants Enterprise. It will help you plan for the tasks required and ensure a successful installation of the MYOB Accountants Enterprise Suite.

Specific requirements are listed below for each product that is included in the combined installer.

If you use MYOB Accountants Enterprise with Tax and you've migrated to a new server:

  1. Locate and open the Taxinstall.ini file—it is either in your SOL64 directory or your MYOBAE\AESQL\TAX directory.
  2. Make sure SBRSenderServer specifies your new server name. If you have multiple servers, this is where your SBRSenderService windows service resides.
General preparations
  1. make sure you have MYOB AE version 2019.0 or later installed.

  2. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

    Make sure that your system setup meets the minimum operating requirements for Microsoft. This means that you must have the latest Microsoft updates and service packs installed before you install MYOB AO.
    We’re continually updating our systems and compatibility with Microsoft.
  3. If you'll be lodging tax returns via PLS using Cloud software authentication (CloudAuth), or if you’re intending to use any MYOB online products, ensure that you have MYOB Logins configured for your practice. See Logging in to MYOB AE/AO for more detail about MYOB Logins.

    This is not relevant if you’re one of the few practices that are still using AE Tax without the benefits of the fully integrated AE Suite including Homepages. Contact your MYOB Client Manager to find out how to take advantage of all the benefits of upgrading to the current MYOB AE platform.

  4. Ensure that you know the login name and password for your server, SQL server and each workstation.

    You must login as a system administrator to the servers, the SQL server instance used by MYOB AE and all workstations. Don't use the default administrator login created by Windows.

  5. Exit all MYOB software and all Windows programs on your server:

    1. make sure all staff members have exited all MYOB applications on their workstations, including closing any icons in their system tray.

    2. tell your staff members that MYOB applications will not be available for use during the installation process.

  6. Ensure your regional settings and format language are set to Australia. See Checking the date and time, language and regional settings on your PC for more information on how to change your regional settings and format language.

  7. This installation includes a change to your computer’s registry settings to turn on Enable Linked Connections. See What is Enable linked connections?

  8. Ensure that you have internet access.

  9. To make sure that your database is upgraded correctly you MUST reboot the server machine that you intend to use to perform the MYOB AE installation on before you start the actual installation.

  10. Allow sufficient time for installation. It may take more than an hour to complete.

  11. Disable any anti-virus/malware software and user account control on your server.
  12. Check your disk space and back up your data:

    1. The combined installer requires a minimum 4GB of free disk space on the local disk of your server. Make sure to enable them again once you’ve finished installing MYOB AE.

      As the combined installer takes some database backups, ensure that you also allow extra disk space for the back up of your database(s).

    2. Back up all your existing MYOB AE databases, for example, AE database, Tax database and/or Corporate Compliance database.

      The combined installer locally backs up only your AE and Tax databases prior to the actual installation of MYOB AE. We recommend that you do your own database backups prior to installing this release.

    3. We may replace MYOB Master Reports at any time.
      We recommend that if you’ve customised our masters to export a backup copy of the report layouts using the Report Export Utility which is available from ReportsReport > Export & Import before upgrading MYOB AE.

Tax requirements
  • You’ll need Adobe Reader if you wish to print a PDF version of a return for the Tax Office.

  • If your practice utilises VizPost, ensure that you close the Background Update process manually before starting the installation.
    There is no need to do anything with SRDAL as the combined installer will take care of turning it off and restarting.

  • The last three years of MYOB AE Tax are upgraded using the combined installer.

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