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MYOB AE/AO release notes— 5.4.36/2020.1 (Australia)

Release date—3 December 2020

This is the latest version of MYOB Practice Solutions for:

  • Accountants Enterprise (AE)—MYOB AE 2020.1 (including Tax 6.48 SP1 and Tax 8.32 SP1)
  • Accountants Office (AO)—MYOB AO 2020.1.

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Check your version numbers


Version number


  1. Open MYOB AE/AO.

  2. Click Help and select About.

  3. Confirm that the:

    1. Install version: is 2020.1.

    2. Version is

  4. Click Plugins.
  5. Confirm the version for the following products:
    • Statutory Reporter:
    • Client Accounting:
    • Document manager:
    • Practice Manager:
    • Tax Homepages:
  1. Open a tax return.
  2. Click Help and select About.
  3. Confirm that the version is:
    • 2020.1 (for a 2020 tax return)
    • 2019.3 (for a 2019 tax return)
SQL 2019 certification

 MYOB AE/AO is now compatible with SQL 2019. See Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Compatibility Statement.


If you've experienced any of the issues listed here, after installing this release, go to the worksheet or schedule and press F6 to refresh it.

This release includes all the previous 4 hotfixes (56036984, 52700068, 52701915 and 55312424).


We've updated the CPI rates for the 30 September 2020 quarter.

CPI rates are used for capital gains calculations when the purchase date is before Q3 1999. The CPI amount is calculated by dividing the quarterly CPI figure at the time the asset was disposed of by the quarterly CPI figure at the time the cost was incurred. This factor will be applied to the cost base to arrive at the indexed cost base.

PLS rejections
Schedule/returnError codeFix
Distributions from managed fund (dim)

CMN.ATO.IITR.730457 - Total current year capital gains must be provided.

Validation test implemented.


CMN.ATO.IITR.730088 - Assessable foreign source income amount is incorrect.

 This error occurred when there were multiple distributions from Managed fund (dim) worksheets with foreign income with decimal places.

The issue is fixed and you'll no longer get a rejection.


This error occurred in the Distributions from Managed fund worksheet where there were cents in the Current year capital gain from managed fund field.

The issue is fixed and you'll no longer get a rejection.
Foreign income (for)

CMN.ATO.IITR.730094 - Other net foreign source income - dividend income or managed investment scheme income from foreign companies - including from foreign partnerships amount must be provided.

This error occurred if you completed the franking credit amount in the Trans Tasman tab.

Validation test implemented.
Foreign employment income Non-Payment Summary (fem)

Foreign income tax offset amount is incorrect

This error occurred when there was more than one Foreign employment non-payment summary (fem).

The issue is fixed and you'll no longer get a rejection.
Other income category 1, 2 and 4 (oix)

CMN.ATO.IITR.730285 - Other income type category 1 - Amount is incorrect (cate 1 integrate).

This issue could occur when there was a D15 other deductions claim code type O.

The issue is fixed and you'll no longer get an error.
 Multi-property rental schedule
  • CMN.ATO.IITR.730215 - Gross rent amount is incorrect.
  • CMN.ATO.IITR.730217 - Summary: Interest deductions amount is incorrect.
  • CMN.ATO.IITR.730219 - Capital works deductions amount is incorrect.
  • CMN.ATO.IITR.730221 - Other rental deductions amount is incorrect.
    These errors occurred if the rental property had 100% in the ownership % field and there was a default private %.
  • CMN.ATO.IITR.730285 - Other income type category 1 - Amount is incorrect (cate 1 integrate).
    This issue could occur when there was an expense for pest control in the multi-rental property schedule.
The issue is fixed and you'll no longer get a rejection.
Spouse details


This error occurred if the following condition wasn't met: The spouse must be between the preservation age and 59 years at the time that they received a superannuation lump sum payment, and the taxed element had a zero tax rate.

Validation test implemented.
Estimate fixes
  • For more than one Distributions received from Managed Funds (dim) worksheet with foreign income and foreign tax paid, the foreign income tax offset at Label 20 O was incorrect.
  • The tax estimate was including assessable foreign income as taxable income, but the Form summary wasn't including the assessable foreign income.
Multi-property rental property schedule fixes
  • The Select Schedule window wasn't displaying the Gross Rent, Expenses and Net rent.
  • Rental amounts weren't retaining after upgrading to 2020.0b.
  • The Borrowing expenses value wasn't displaying when using Dissection grid.
  • Rental schedule wasn't updating Ownership share or Your share when using Dissection grid.
Printing fixes
  • Multi-property rental worksheet: When printing a dissection grid, the data was printing from Your share instead of the Gross amount.
  • The low-value pool amount was incorrectly printing the total immediate write-off amount.
Other fixes
  • In the Distributions received from Managed Funds (dim) worksheet, when you entered an amount at Assessable foreign income and Other foreign income, the worksheet created two foreign income worksheets at Item 20 M.
  • The depreciation amount from SBE Pool was showing Schedule B, and the Small Business Entity Depreciating Assets schedule was incorrect. 
  • Foreign Employment Income Non-Payment Summary (fem) wasn't calculating apportioned foreign tax paid.
  • In non-individual returns, the Capital works deductions (sbw) worksheet wasn't integrating into the rental property Capital works field.
  • The wording was incorrect in the INCDTLS.000412 validation error.
Client Accounting
  • We've improved how MYOB Essentials (new) works with Client Accounting:
    • The default tax account group mapping is available for all AE MAS, AO GL and AE Accounts chart types for all entities.
    • Client Accounting's department settings support prefixes, special characters, and alphanumeric characters. This lets you produce individual (rather than combined) department income statement reports.

  • Performance improvements in Essentials (new). It'll now be faster when it accesses ledger account balances. This is especially noticeable with large ledgers.
  • We've improved your experience with setting up an Essentials (new) file for your clients.
MYOB Practice online (EAP clients only)
  • Error descriptions during migration: When migrating a tax return from AE/AO to online, you'll now see an error message description when there's a problem with migration, especially for clients with large ledgers. See Troubleshooting Compliance.
  • Deleting/rollback a tax return: If you've moved a tax return online but want to move it back to AE/AO, you can do that by using the Delete button in MYOB Practice. This will roll back the tax return to desktop and you can work on it in AE/AO. You'll lose only the tax return information and not any of the client's contact information. See Deleting a tax return
  • Deleting an activity statement: You can now delete an activity statement in MYOB Practice. See Deleting an activity statement.
Document Manager

No Document Manager changes in this release. But make sure you install the Document Manager to be compatible with the 5.4.36 version.

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