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MYOB AE/AO release notes—2020.2 (New Zealand)

Update—12 March 2021

IMPORTANT RELEASE - Hotfix 59873538 

Hotfix 59873538 is now available to download from my.MYOB

This hotfix helps you experience a smooth process when upgrading to MYOB Practice Tax. The hotfix corrects a couple of critical errors that you may see when you upgrade.

Release date—3 December 2020

This is the latest version of MYOB Practice Solutions for:

  • Accountants Enterprise (AE)—MYOB AE 2020.2
  • Accountants Office (AO)—MYOB AO 2020.2

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Check your version numbers


Version number


  1. Open MYOB AE/AO.

  2. Click Help and select About.

  3. Confirm that the:

    1. Install version: is 2020.2.

    2. Version is

  4. Click Plugins.
  5. Confirm the version for the following products:
    • Statutory Reporter:
    • Client Accounting:
    • Document manager:
    • Practice Manager:
Upgrade to MYOB Practice Tax

What is MYOB Practice Tax?

MYOB Practice Tax is an online platform that will replace your current desktop income tax products. (Accountants Enterprise, Accountants Office, and AO Classic). This is the future of all your income tax needs and filing to IR.

Next steps

In this release, we've included the necessary changes to help you with upgrading to Practice tax. Follow the installation guide and install this version. When your practice is ready, talk to your Account Manager about how you can upgrade your desktop software and move all your clients online.

SQL 2019 certification

 MYOB AE/AO is now compatible with SQL 2019. See Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Compatibility Statement.

Client Accounting

We've improved how MYOB Essentials (new) works with Client Accounting:

  • Performance improvements in Essentials (new). It'll now be faster when it accesses ledger account balances. This is especially noticeable with large ledgers.
  • We've improved your experience with setting up an Essentials (new) file for your clients.
  • Tax account group mapping is available for all AE MAS and AO GL entity types.
  • Client Accounting's department settings support prefixes, special characters and alphanumeric characters. This lets you produce individual (rather than combined) department income statement reports.

Tax Manager

No Tax Manager changes in this release.

Document Manager

No Document Manager changes in this release.

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