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MYOB AE/AO release notes—5.4.41 (New Zealand)

Release date—22 November 2021

Client Accounting
What's new

Updating Quantities

If you have a New Essentials/MYOB Business file configured, and when you add a journal with quantities and post it, New Essentials/MYOB Business file was not updating with the quantities. This means the Statutory reports were incorrect. This is now fixed.

  • After installing this release when you add a new workpaper period and post a journal with quantities it will then post it into New Essentials/MYOB Business ledger. This will not affect any existing workpapers with quantities, so when you add a new workpaper it will not double up the quantities.
  • Existing workpapers: If you add a journal with quantities to an existing workpaper, it will not post it the New Essentials/MYOB Business
  • For ledgers that are migrated from Essentials Accounting to new Essentials, the quantities will be posted correctly in the New essentials file for any new and your existing workpapers (full and partial financial years).

Migrating custom account groups

You can copy the customised chart of accounts in your practice account groups from the MYOB Essentials (Pre March 2020) into the New Essentials/MYOB Business ledger.

This will override any practice account group settings but will not override any client account groups. This change will happen to all clients and Industry and entity types.

To apply the customized chart of accounts to your New Essentials/MYOB Business ledger

  1. Go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Client Accounting > Practice Report Settings.
  2. On the Tasks bar, select Account Groups. The Statutory Reporter - Account Groups or (NZ) Statutory Reporter - Tax Account Groups window opens.
  3. Select MYOB Business/AccountRight/Essentials (New) from the Product from the drop-down.
  4. Click Apply Chart of Accounts from the banner.

    You'll not see this banner if you selected anything other than MYOB Business/AccountRight/Essentials (New) in the Product drop-down.

  5. Select Apply Chart of Account if you want to apply your practice level custom account groups. A progress bar will appear with the status of the update.


There is a display issue where the progress bar will always show a total of 25 accounts updated. This will be fixed in a future release. In the meantime, all your customised account groups in the chart of accounts will still be copied in the background despite the progress bar showing a total of 25.

Resolved issues
  • In Trial balance, when clicking View transactions > Export to Excel, the excel sheet was not opening. This is now fixed.
  • The Summary Department report showed incorrect net profit or loss for each department. This is now fixed.
  • When adding a journal in AE/AO, accounts that have been made inactive in New Essentials were shown in the list. This is now fixed.
    If an account is deactivated in New Essentials after you add a journal in AE/AO, then when you post the journal, you will see an error that stops you from posting the journal to New Essentials.

Need help?

  • Call our support team on 0800 94 96 98
  • Submit a support request via my.myob.
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