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MYOB AE/AO release notes—5.4.44/2022.1 (New Zealand)

Release date—15 August 2022

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This release (5.4.44/2022.1) includes the following changes.

Client Accounting

Supported date format (YYYY)

  • You can now choose a YYYY date format when adding/editing a new paragraph in Statutory reporter at the practice and client level. This format is available when adding and editing a paragraph and is not available in Statutory reporter designer.

Opening balance review changes

When reviewing the opening balance for the prior year and posting journals:

  • your journals will be posted in the prior year if the journal date is in the prior year.
  • if you select a post journal date in the current year, we will rollover the journal data from the prior year to the current year automatically.

Add Account

If you use New Essentials/MYOB Business ledger when adding accounts, previously, a particular format needed to be followed for the chart of accounts.

Now you can add an account without a format restriction such as account numbers starting with 7, which previously was not allowed. This is particularly helpful when assigning an account during the opening balance review.

Opening review wizard

When mapping an account and adding a new account with a quick add account function, you'll now see more fields in the opening review window. Some of these will be pre-filled based on the source account.

Adding a file to a Report

When inserting documents into Reports, we recommend you set the margins of the inserted report so it aligns properly with the rest of the pages. This will be useful if you need to insert documents like Statement of Cashflow, advisory reports, etc for your clients.

You can insert documents of any size — A4, A3, and smaller sizes. Due to Microsoft office component limitations, we don't recommend adding documents with Letter page sizes. This shows an extra blank space at the report’s header and footer area in Statutory reporter.

You can insert up to 20 pages into a report. This can be one file or multiple files but cannot exceed 20 pages in total.

After you've inserted a file, you'll see the following Information message that will suggest the margins on the top, bottom, left and right. Based on this information, you can make changes to the original file and then insert it into the report.

Your document has been inserted. For best results, we will dynamically cut your document to fit into the report. We suggest you set the margins in your inserted file as follows.

Top margin in X cm,
Bottom margin in X cm,
Left margin in X cm,
Right margin in X cm.

If the margins are different, some content from your document might be hidden. For more information, click here. 

Resolved issues
  • Error: There was a problem trying to open this version of AccountRight file when using AccountRight version 2022.4 Server Edition ledger. This is now fixed.
  • Error: Tax code NTR is not found when posting a system-generated balance forward journal to AccountRight ledger. This is now fixed.
  • Unable to open workpapers when using Essentials ledger. This is now fixed.
  • Error: unknown account type 7023 when tryting to do an opening review. This happens for accounts created with number starting with 7. This is now fixed.
  • Error: Exception type - MYOB.clientaccounting.common,generalledger.Exceptions.PostJournalException when trying to post an adjustment journal using Opening Review with an inactive account. You can now see the inactive accounts in the error message so you can post the journals to the correct account.
  • Error: Failed to generate report preview. Please try again later when refreshing the report or inserting a page break. This is now fixed.
  • Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object when performing an opening balance review. This is now fixed.

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  • Call our support team on 0800 696 227
  • Submit a support request via my.myob.
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