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MYOB AE MAS/Accounts Reporter release notes - 3.5.7 (Australia)

Release date – 10 August 2023

Reporter is a tool that generates reports using an underlying general ledger system. It enables integration into the MAS or Accounts general ledger product.

Release notes

AE Reporter (MAS and Accounts)

The Masters have been rolled forward to the year 2026.

  • Audit Report
    We've updated rows 5, 6, 12, 17 and 26 to refer to trustees rather than directors for Corporate Trusts.
  • Income Statement
    Sole traders and partnerships – We've corrected the calculation for the total after-tax amount in the Income Statement by Nature.
  • Accounting Policy Notes
    • Individuals and partnerships – We've removed the wording meet the needs of the stakeholders and to from the Introduction text paragraph.

    • Sole traders and partnerships – We've updated the introductory text to include the principal activities of a business. To add the principal activities into non-transaction data, go to #EntityDetails > ReportingExtraDetails > PrincipalActivities.

    • We've added a new paragraph, Defined contribution schemes, as a part of the Employee Benefits accounting policy note for the simplified disclosures reporting type. To turn on this paragraph, go to Non-transaction data > Notes > Note1 > Miscellaneous > DefinedBenefitFund.

  • Notes to the financial statements

    • Partnerships – We've added a new note for Statutory Information. This will print as the last note in Notes to the Financial Statements. The statutory information comes from Non-transacton data > Notes > BusinessAddress.

    • We've removed the Intangibles heading so it'll no longer print twice in the Intangible accounting policy.

  • Committee Report

    • We've removed the heading Significant changes from above the paragraph No significant change in the nature of these activities occurred during the year.

    • We've added the following paragraphs:

      • Significant changes in state of affairs

      • Events after the reporting date

      • Environmental issues

      • Indemnification and insurance of officers and auditors

      • Auditor's independence declaration.

    Trust Minutes

    • We've added a new minute for No income distribution.

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