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MYOB AO Classic release notes—23.0.0 (New Zealand)

Release date—14 April 2020


No more cheques

From 1 March 2020, IR stopped accepting payment by cheque and have withdrawn the IR901DL pre-printed stationery. See we're moving on from cheques on the IR website to see other payment options. 

To change the default text select Tax Management > Payments > Edit payment advice letter definitions > Text and format of letter.

We've removed the remittance advice section and added an on-screen warning.

UOMI rate changes effective 29 August 2019
  • Rate payable: 8.35%.
  • Rate receivable: 0.81%.
  • RIT threshold: remains unchanged.
Working for families changes
Minimum family tax credit threshold for the:WasIncreased to
Annual rate before tax-equivalent$30,516$31,020
Prescribed amount$26,156$26,572

No changes to the:

  • family tax credit (FTC) rates:
    • first child: $5,878
    • second child: $4,745
  • child tax credit (CTC) rate:
    • $780 per child
  • in-work tax credit (IWTC) rates:
    • up to 3 children: $3,770
    • each additional child: $780
  • threshold level for abatement at $42,700
  • abatement rate at 25%.
Student loan assessable income

We've updated the calculations to include the new:

  • Student loan threshold increase from $19,448 to $19,760
  • income key points for 2020
  • net residential income
  • profit on the sale of a property.
ACC rates

The ACC levy remains at 1.39%.

ACC rateWasIncreased to
Maximum income$126,286$128,470
Maximum ACC levy$1755.37$1785.73
Student loan threshold$19,448$19,760
AIM shareholder tax credits
  • We've added new keypoints to the IR4 and IR3 tax returns to specifically cater for AIM shareholder tax credits. 
Ring-fencing rental income

New ring-fencing rules apply to most residential rental properties for the 2019–20 income year. The changes include:

  • limits on the amount of deductions you can claim if your residential rental property makes a loss
  • limits on the ability to offset excess deductions/rental loss against other income
  • Excess deductions are now generally carried forward and offset against future residential income
  • what happens to excess deductions when disposing of residential property
  • limits on the amount of interest you can claim for an investment in an entity that rents out residential property.

Carried forward ring-fenced rental income losses will post to Tax Manager.

Refundable research and development tax incentive credits

The refundable research and development tax incentive operates as a tax credit and applies to the IR4 Company return.

See Research and development (R&D) on the IR website.

Non-refundable R&D tax incentive tax credits

The non-refundable R&D tax incentive operates as a tax credit and applies to all return types except the IR7.

Excess non-refundable R&D tax credits carry forward to the next tax year and pass to Tax Manager. The carried forward amount is not updated to the AO Classic Tax Management system.

See Research and development (R&D) on the IR website.

Profit/loss on the sale of residential property


  • all income from land sales that are outside the ring-fencing rules
  • taxable sales of the main home or holiday homes taxed under the mixed-use asset rules
  • tax losses from disposals of residential property.

Net income from a bright-line sale other than your main home, or a property taxed under the mixed-use assets rules is included under Question 22 - Residential income.

For more detailed information refer to the relevant tax return guide on the IR website or the IR313 Buying and selling residential property guide.

Other information
IR4 return and insurance premiums paid to an overseas insurer

IR no longer support filing insurance premiums paid to an overseas insurer via the IR4 tax return. They've advised filing via myIR instead.

Because of this, we have disabled all fields at KP22 and added a message at the keypoint "Overseas insurance premiums can no longer be filed from an IR4 return. File via myIR".

Losses carried forward on IR4 and IR9

When the IR processor changed from FIRST to START, the carried forward losses were processed differently. This resulted in IR issuing an incorrect notice of assessment.

We've updated our software to change the way we report carried forward losses via E-File for IR4 and IR9 for the 2020 tax year.

Provisional tax

The provisional tax threshold has changed from $2,500 to $5,000 for the 2021 tax year onwards.

See provisional tax on the IR website for more information.

Check your version number

After you've installed AO Classic 23.0.0:

  1. Start MYOB AO Classic.
  2. Click Help and select About.
  3. Check that MYOB AO Classic version number is 23.0.0.
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